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Welcome to the Kyla Security Portal! This portal provides an overview of our commitment to security and compliance. You can find our certifications, security practices, and explore details on our controls.

Privacy Policy
Data Security Controls >
  • Data retention procedures established
  • Customer data deleted upon deactivation
  • Data classification policy established
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Infrastructure Security >
  • Unique production database authentication enforced
  • Encryption key access restricted
  • Unique account authentication enforced
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Internal Security Controls >
  • Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans established
  • Continuity and disaster recovery plans tested
  • Cybersecurity insurance maintained
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Organizational Security Controls >
  • Asset disposal procedures utilized
  • Production inventory maintained
  • Portable media encrypted
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Product Security Controls >
  • Data encryption utilized
  • Control self-assessments conducted
  • Penetration testing performed
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